We have increased the number of new borrowers, some missing items have been returned and the electronic inventory is now beginning to be posted on this web page.  Please use these PDF documents to help you choose your next book or DVD, inspire your Christian reading and mature your discipleship.  A printed copy will also be available in the library.  As always, please don’t forget to check out your items and return them promptly.  And if you happen to find a long overdue item at home, please drop it by because there are still titles that have not found their way back, which makes them inaccessible to others. If you would like to assist in the library, drop in on any Sunday morning and let Julia know.




To SERVE the church members and ministries as a tool to help DISCIPLE its people.




The library will be open whenever the church is open. On Sundays, there will be at least one volunteer available before and after services.



  1. ALL books/multimedia MUST be checked out BEFORE removing from the library.

  2. Books are checked out for 2 weeks & renewable for the same period.

  3. Multimedia (DVDs, Audio, Games) are checked out for 1 week & renewable for the same period.

  4. Everyone is responsible for returning materials on time & in the same or better condition, so that others may use & enjoy them.

  5. Fines are not charged, but any books/multimedia not returned on/before their due date will be considered overdue & a reminder will be emailed or given by phone the next week.

  • Renewals can be made by emailing us at . Please include your name, the item’s title, author, due date & phone # so that we may reply quickly with your new due date.



  1. Locate checkout card (usually books=inside back cover; multimedia=inside front cover or back of case).

  2. Clearly print your First & Last name on the checkout card.

  3. Clearly print your email address on the next line or your home phone # if you don’t use email. (Required only the 1st time.)

  4. Parents are asked to complete the checkout cards from the Children’s Library using their own name & email or phone as referenced above.

  5. Print due date on checkout card: 2 weeks out for books; 1 week for multimedia. (Calendar on wall below the clock.)

  6. Place checkout card in basket.

  7. Print due date on colored “DATE DUE” slip & place in card pocket as your reminder.



  1. Place ALL books/multimedia in wooden “RETURNS” crate under clock.

  2. Returned items will NOT be available for checkout again until the library has checked them in from the previous borrower & re-shelved. (Your personal info will be blackened out on card.)

  3. Only library staff are allowed to re-shelve materials & only after a careful check-in procedure.


DONATIONS:  The library’s extensive collection of Christian based books & multimedia are attributable to the many donations we have received over the years, and we are greatly blessed by such. As a reminder, anything donated to the church becomes the property of DEC without condition.  If conditions are placed upon a donation of any kind, we will not accept the donation or the responsibility for the material.  We will make no apologies for taking donated items that we either have no room for or desire for, to Goodwill or a similar organization.  We will not have a political section in the library.

Please email us at: library@DurhamE.orgwith any questions or to coordinate a donation.



Want to know if we have a book in stock? You can look through our database by selecting one of the categories below.

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