Our mission is to reach out with loving hands to the senior citizens of DEC supporting them in their time of need. This is based on Matthew 22:39; “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


Our goal is to have all DEC’s senior citizens and/or shut-ins supported by another DEC member to recognize their concerns and assist in meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs with the love of Christ.


To build a team of DEC people willing to pray for/or with, call, visit, and/or give rides, etc. to those needing our support. To encourage our seniors or shut-ins to seek help in areas they have a need

Do you have a caring heart for senior citizens?  Friends Care is presently looking for people to put their caring heart into action by visiting DEC’s shut-ins, making supportive phone calls, providing small meals or providing rides to appointments and church. 


Are you a senior adult who could use some assistance?  Friends Care is here to help.


If you’re interested in helping or need help either e-mail friends.care@durhame.org, call 603-303-3895 or speak to Joan Christman or Linda Szabo.