To propose and implement short-term missions opportunities, as well as organize training and debriefing materials for short-term mission trips.

Team Member Duties:

  • Match the skills and talents of dec attenders and members to the needs of dec’s supported missionaries/mission organizations or strategic partnerships.
  • Communicate with dec missionaries about potential short-term mission trips and propose new opportunities for short-term mission trips based on the GOT short-term missions strategy document.
  • Organize and/or facilitate effective operation of all short-term missions trips from dec based on the GOT short-term missions strategy document.
  • Recruit and train short-term trip leaders, as well as be a resource to current short-term trip leaders.
  • Plan cross-cultural training and debriefing sessions for the short-term teams sent by dec either through training the trip leader or organizing training for the team.
  • Update the non-policy sections of the Short-Term Leaders Manual, and propose policy revisions to the Personnel, Policy & Finance sub-team leader.
  • Propose budget needs for short-term missions to the GOT Personnel, Policy & Finance sub-team leader in January of each year.
  • Devote time to personal prayer for missions.

Current Opportunities

Stay tuned for future trips.

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