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VBS 2015



Lasers! Gyroscopes! Telescopes! Fusion, fission and chemical reactions! Please join us as we experiment with fun and excitement at SonSpark Labs!



At SonSpark Labs, explorers of all ages will find their imaginations spark to life as they research answers to universal questions by delving into the shadows of the ancient past, exploring scientific wonders of the present and even searching beyond—to an infinite future! The fun begins as you step into this astonishing world of God’s plan for the people of His planet!

Each session focuses on one aspect of God’s Plan for You = Jesus!, or GP4U = J!, as revealed through God’s Word. Young scientists will participate in experiments and hands-on activities that help them get to know Jesus and God’s plan of salvation.

This summer, children will excitedly explore the amazing SonSpark Labs. They will trace God’s life-changing plan as it’s revealed from Creation to the present and on into the future. They’ll find answers to life’s most important questions. They will discover that God loves them and that through Jesus they can be members of God’s family and personally experience God’s plan for each of us.

Each day, kids will explore the answer to a key question through Bible stories, memory verses, and scientific principles (“Spark Principle”):


Cost: NONE. Your expressions of gratitude and cooperation towards the volunteer staff will serve as an encouragement and affirmation of this ministry. In addition, contributions of snack and craft items are always appreciated. Call (603) 590-0642 for more details of what will be needed.

Drop-off times: Between 8:45 and 8:55AM. Registration tables will be located near the main entrance. On the first day, you may come a bit early (8:30 or so) in order to get your child checked in. Our opening assembly begins promptly at 9:00AM each day.

Pick-up times: Promptly at 12 noon, though you are welcome to join us for our closing assembly at 11:35, inside in the Worship Center. Children may only leave with someone other than their parent or legal guardian if there is written permission for them to do so.

Do you attend one of our sister evangelical churches in the area? (BeFree Community, Bethany, Journey Baptist, Grace Community, Dover Baptist, etc.) If so, we request that you have your children attend your own church’s summer program. Our main focus is to be an outreach to those who are not affiliated with one of these evangelical churches. Our space, class sizes and resources are limited. Thank you for understanding and cooperating with this request.

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Project: Church Remodel

BuildersProtective Equipment


Beginning April 12th, we are making some renovations to the upstairs of the church building. This project will need many hands to help complete the renovations. We are looking for people who can give up some of their time to help us rip up carpet, scrape the ceilings, paint, etc. We are also looking for more experienced volunteers to help us with building projects, such as constructing a wall.

If you have time on Sunday, April 12th or Saturday, April 25th we would love for you to join us! We would also love volunteers during the week who could help with odd jobs. If you’re interested, please sign up by following this  link and let us know how you can help!

Let’s come together as a community and take care of our home.



Sunday, April 12th at 12pm I Saturday, April 25th at 8am

Both volunteer work days will have lunch provided

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Peg Wood

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Why do we worship?

This past week October 26, 2014 we asked questions about worship to three of our members. Did these questions challenge you? Did they bring a new understanding of worship? Answer these questions and reflect on what worship really means.

1. How has congregational worship increased your understanding of who God is?

2. What value is there in congregational worship as opposed to private worship?

3. What encourages you to worship even when life’s circumstances are difficult?

Psalm 66: 1-2; 5, ” Shout for joy to God, all the earth! Sing the glory of his name; make his praise glorious. Come and see what God has done,
his awesome deeds for mankind!”

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Chelsea + Aki

Can you relate to Aki’s story? Did Aki’s story speak to you? Tell us more about your story in the comments below.

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Men’s Bible Study

Join us every Thursday at 6:30 AM in the Student Center for a time of encouragement as we look into God’s Word.

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