Josiah grew up in the seacoast area and began attending DEC in 1991 as a child after his family moved to Durham. He graduated from UNH in 2007. 

Josiah and Elisa met in a community group in 2008 and were married at DEC in 2010. Since then they have served in a variety of ministries, but community groups have been one of their primary areas of service. Both Josiah and Elisa have been a part of DEC since childhood. They currently live in Dover with their 5 year old son Isaac.

"My family is Christian, so I was raised to believe in God and trust the Bible, but it was in high school that my faith began to feel real to me. I remember learning about how the teachings and life of Jesus ought to affect the way I lived and the decisions I made. Youth group was instrumental in my life for experiencing what it actually means to walk with Jesus. Making the transition from child to adult within one church community was also a great blessing.

"My heart and desire for this church is that we be a people who love and obey the word of God revealed in the Bible.  My hope is to serve the community of DEC well as we strive to persevere in faith and follow Jesus together".