Tom and Nancy Brink with daughters Katrina and Janelle

Tom Brink is the New England Global Service Coordinator/Missions Director for Intervarsity.

Tom coordinates New England InterVarsity Alternative Spring Break Projects to New Orleans and the partnership with Uganda & Hispaniola Global Issues Internship.  Tom & Nancy also travel to Uganda doing Bible Study training with FOCUS Uganda on college campuses.


Prayer Requests:

-For the presence and guidance of God in 2013 in developing the effectiveness of our projects towards the mission of whole life conversions of students on the over 50 campuses in New England.

-For the presence and guidance of God in developing our new project in Hispaniola.

-For guidance in working with FOCUS Uganda in Bible Study Training.

-For continued impact of Katrina Relief Urban Plunge on the over 700 students who attend each Spring, especially the 50% non-InterVarsity students.

-For God’s blessing and impact on over 30 staff and students who are involved in the Hispaniola and Uganda Internships each year.

KRUP 2006-2012

From 2007 to 2011 DEC sent over 50 adult volunteers to serve with UNH InterVarsity students and staff  in Hurricane Katrina relief and rebuilding.

This partnership has fostered many relationships between DEC and the UNH campus, been used by the Lord to see many students come to faith in Jesus, and has helped rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Here in this video, is the summary of how KRUP has impacted student’s lives throughout New England.

Though not specific to DEC nor UNH, you will be able to understand the larger scope of what DEC and UNH InterVarsity were a part of over the past 7 years.

KRUP Summary from InterVarsity New England on Vimeo.