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In episode 4b we talk about the second half of season four of God's Plan | Our Story. We discuss the prophets and what their role was during the kingdom and throughout the exile.

In episode 4a we talk about the first half of season four of God's Plan | Our Story. We focus on Judges and the kingdom that was established through Saul and David.

In Episode 3b we talk about what happened between Sinai and before the Kings of Israel were established. We discuss Moses being rejected from the promised land as well as many other stories that we missed along the way. 

In Episode 3a we discuss the plagues in Exodus and what the Israelites were up to once they reached land over the Red Sea.

In Episode 2 we talk about Season 2 of God's Plan | Our Story and the covenant God made with Abraham. We discuss the stories that we missed, like Joseph, and how God uses persecution to strengthen us.

In this episode we talk about Season 1 of God's Plan | Our Story. As we talk about creation through the story of Noah, we discuss topics that we didn't discuss from the pulpit on Sunday mornings.