The mission of DEC is to glorify God by making mature disciples of Jesus through worship, community and proclaiming the Gospel locally and globally. This is the same mission that guides the DEC women’s ministry.

The vision of women’s ministry at DEC is to offer opportunities for spiritual growth, events, and support that aligns with the overall mission of DEC and addresses the unique needs and roles of women. As daughters of the King we are chosen, redeemed, cleansed, called, empowered, and enabled to bring the message of Jesus Christ to a broken world. This vision promotes a life that is centered in Christ and an identity that is rooted in God’s unconditional and extravagant love for his children so that we are always prepared to share the reason for the hope we have in Christ.


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Women’s Group – “I am married to a Non-Believer”

Are you married to a non-believer? Starting this fall, the women’s ministry is going to start a group for women who are married to non-believing spouses. The goal is to encourage one another and grow deeper in your walk with God. Please contact Betsy St. Pierre for more information:


Women’s Study – “How do I study the Bible?”

Contact: Rebecca Rubeor,

June 20th7 pm to 8:30 pm (DEC Function Hall)

Come to a workshop to hear and learn 4 different ways to study the Bible.  Four women will share their approach and experience when reading and studying the Bible.  From a detailed inductive method to meditating to transformation and worship, we hope you can find one or two ways that you connect best with God through study. FYI – you don’t need to come to both days.  Pick the time that works best for you and join with many other women interested in growing in the same way.


Stories from the Middle East

Calling all Women of DEC: Come hear Anne C. share about her experiences working cross culturally with women in the Middle East on Thursday, July 13th from 7-9pm in the Function Hall. The night will include worship, pictures, prayer and an invitation to join in fasting for the furthering of God’s kingdom in the Middle East. We hope you leave with a broader sense of what God is doing in the Middle East and how you can participate in that work wherever God has placed you.


Women’s Precept Study – Weekly Inductive Bible Study (Fall 2017)

Contact: Sandy Taylor,


Women’s Time Together – Coffee at the Milk House

Contact: Mel Young,

Thursdays – 8:30 am to 10:00 am; Beginning – June 8, 2017 (DEC Milk House)

Come when you can, leave when you have to. This is a time for women to informally connect over coffee. If you have children, bring them. No official childcare will be provided, but we figure this is like being at another women’s home.  Bring some toys (we will have some at the Milk House also) or something for them to do.  It may be loud at times, peaceful at times – but we figure, it is community and life and exactly how God wants us to be living and growing together.


Annual Retreat – “For Such a Time as This: Esther”

Contact: Kasey Dillon, or Carla Evans,

November 3-4, 2017

The Portland Regency, Portland Maine

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Trusted Online Resources for Bible Study:

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