Mentoring is walking alongside another believer for the purpose of spiritual development that leads to Christ-like character and the reproducing of disciples of Jesus. Our goal is to assist, educate and equip the church to actively mentor others. We have resources available that include a Mentoring Handbook as well as a list of other helpful resources. We offer Mentor Training Workshops throughout the year as an interactive way to learn and exercise good mentoring practices. Our greatest resource is other seasoned mentors who are available to assist others in the mentoring process.




Our goal is to bring the fullness of Scripture into the hands of our people by the teaching of theological truths, the disciplines of Christian living and a Biblical worldview. Gifted and creative teachers strive to supplement the pulpit to disciple the people of God by incorporating the truth of God’s Word.




The purpose of events is to  build community through common experience and provide an opportunity to know each other and be known by each other. The Events department plans, prepares for, and executes events for adults in support of the mission of DEC. This involves creating events that build community, both in the church and out of the church. Department volunteers work faithfully and creatively planning functions that will help build community, and implement the necessary logistics.



Our goal is to support to other ministries of DEC by helping provide curriculum materials. God calls us to not only understand what His perfect and pleasing will is but to also be a people who correctly handles the word of truth and shares it with the body of Christ. Our heart’s desire at DEC is to see Christ’s church grow into maturity and one of the ways we do this is through the creation of study and training materials.



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