In dec’s college ministry, our heart’s desire is to experience transformation in our lives. We believe that true transformation comes through a relationship with Jesus. It does not matter if we are studying, serving the poor, going on retreat, or gathering for our weekly meetings. We are praying for the power of Jesus to transform us into genuine believers, who are saved by grace through faith in Christ.

Transportation between UNH and Durham Evangelical Church is provided each Sunday for the 10:30 service.

The vehicle is a white 15 passenger van with “Durham Evangelical Church” printed on the side.


Pickup time and location

10:08     In front of Stoke Hall

10:10     Main Street@Holloway Commons Bus stop

10:10     Quadway@Holloway Commons Bus stop

10:11     Quad pickup in front of Hunter Hall

10:12     Hubbard Hall service entrance

10:14     Kingsbury Hall Bus Stop

10:17     Main Street@Thompson Hall Bus Stop