Chris Miller


Chris and Leslie Miller (married June, 1989) have lived in Nottingham, NH since November, 2009.  Prior to residing in Nottingham, Chris and Leslie lived in Weare, NH, where 5 children were born to them: Brendyn (born 1990), Caleb (1992), Justin (1995), Elijah (1998) and Hannah (2000). They also had a daughter, Molly Blank, who had spent her life in the NH foster care system until the Millers met her at the age of 17. She was a part of their family until she passed away at the age of 34, but before she died, she legally changed her name to Molly Marie Miller. While in Weare, the Millers attended Weare Christian Church (WCC).  At WCC, Chris and Leslie served as a team in several capacities-- leading the Children’s Church program and shepherding a small group as well as a study on biblical parenting. They also led a program which helped those in their group learn ways to help people struggling with various mental health issues (sponsored by the American Association for Christian Counseling). Chris served at WCC in the roles of Deacon of Youth Ministry, Deacon of Evangelism and Elder.  Chris also led a worship team for several years at WCC that included Justin and Caleb.


The Millers have been attending DEC since 2010 during which time they have served together teaching Sunday School and participating in VBS, in college ministry and on the prayer team.  Chris also spent a few years as part of the leadership team for Men’s Ministry. Leslie is currently a Mentor Mom as well as the Moppets’ volunteer coordinator with Mothers of PreSchoolers (MOPS).


Chris has been involved in Prison Ministry at the State Prison in Concord since 2013; he took a preaching role there in 2015. Chris was involved in InterVarsity Athletes for a few years at UNH. He also developed many strong, Christ-centered relationships with CRU students as the Miller children got involved with CRU during their years at UNH. Chris has worked with Pastor Ted White and the New Hope Church in Nottingham going door-to-door with the Gospel to almost half the homes in Nottingham.  Chris and Leslie were also part of a local prayer group in Nottingham that prayed persistently for children struggling in their relationships with God and with their families.


“Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teachings, you are truly my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (Jn 8:32)  I am God’s servant, wherever, whenever and in whatever capacity He calls me. I strive to serve Him by helping people find the truth Jesus taught, lived and died for, and the power by which He rose victoriously from the grave. My role as Elder will be all about that, and more, as long as it is Christ-centered and Bible-based.