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Read Galatians 4

Specific verse: Galatians 4:5

Consider the glory and beautiful character of our All-powerful, All-knowing, Everlasting and Ever-present God, whose love endures forever.  How awesome a God who emptied Himself of His divinity, took on our form, was despised and rejected by His own and bore the sin of all in a death that would be hard to imagine in our darkest nightmare, so that His own could live in His Kingdom forever.  When we fully immerse ourselves in the vision of this, His glory, and seek Him more deeply, it becomes quite obvious in comparison how short we fall of His glory, and how dark and depraved this world is apart from Him. We all experience the pain of life in this depraved world.  But, we, His body in this broken world, have been given good news that keeps this body of Christ unified and intact. God took on human form and came into this world with good news about His Kingdom. Through our belief in Him, who he is as Lord of all, and the death and resurrection of His mortal body when He came, we can become part of His immortal body of believers, inheriting eternal life in His Kingdom. In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John wrote what God had revealed to him - that this will be a life that will never end in a Kingdom with no crying or pain, where God himself will dwell with His people, and wipe every tear from their eyes (Chapter 21).  Praise be to God!

With this good news in mind, consider this:  Words are powerful. They can be thought of as ideas communicated one to another. God has given us His ideas - communicated through words.  Consider what Jesus said on the night before He died - “These words I speak to you are not my own; They are the Father living in me doing His work” (from the book of John, Chapter 14, verse 10).  Anytime any of us in the body of Christ talks to others, God can and will give us words to share His ideas - His truth about His Kingdom, His love and grace, His good news we call “gospel”, to share with others.  The words don’t have to be fancy; they have to be true, according to God’s revelation of truth. Jesus reassured the Apostles in the book of Matthew (Chapter 10 verses 19 and 20) with this teaching “At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”  We are called by God to live lives of love. The Bible is filled with a ton of teachings about us being called to live lives of love. Love is the very nature of God. And what better way to love others than to give them God’s ideas through our words, so they too may have an opportunity to believe what they hear and share in His gift of grace - eternal life in His Kingdom.

In this Lenten season, we prepare for a celebration of the death and resurrection of the Lord of all, Jesus. As we do, let us find great joy in the good news, the gospel, the promise of eternal life in God’s Kingdom of love and joy by His grace through our belief in Jesus.  Let us also love the Lord and others enough to make His ideas become our words to those whom the Lord brings into our lives.


Monday: Courage for our church congregation to share the gospel

Tuesday: Opportunities for our staff and elders to share the gospel

Wednesday: Opportunities for our ministry and small group leaders to share the gospel

Thursday: Courage and opportunities for us to share the gospel in our homes

Friday: Courage and opportunities for us to share the gospel in our workplaces and schools