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Join us for 4 weeks in order to discover how you are uniquely made by God for the purpose of glorifying Him, serving His people and testifying to a non-believing world. This will be a workshop in which we discover our S.H.A.P.E. (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, experiences). This discovery process will enable you to discern God’s leading to where you can serve.

This week is offered periodically throughout the year. Click on the photo above to find out more about this class.




Mentoring is walking alongside another believer for the purpose of spiritual development that leads to Christ-like character and the reproducing of disciples of Jesus. Our goal is to assist, educate and equip the church to actively mentor others. We have resources available that include a Mentoring Handbook as well as a list of other helpful resources. We offer Mentor Training Workshops throughout the year as an interactive way to learn and exercise good mentoring practices. Our greatest resource is other seasoned mentors who are available to assist others in the mentoring process.


Our goal is to bring the fullness of Scripture into the hands of our people by the teaching of theological truths, the disciplines of Christian living and a Biblical worldview. Gifted and creative teachers strive to supplement the pulpit to disciple the people of God by incorporating the truth of God’s Word.